Michigan Draft Legislation

Draft Legislation Expands the Ability of Sexual Abuse Survivors to Bring Lawsuits

New legislation was introduced in Michigan in April 2023 that would expand the ability of sexual abuse survivors to bring lawsuits against their abusers and the institutions that enabled them. The new legislation would amend MCL 691.1407, MCL 600.5805, MCL 600.5851(b), MCL 600.6431, and MCL 600.6452.  

A Bill to Amend 1964 PA 170

Draft legislation to eliminate governmental immunity for governmental agencies or employees. Immunity would be limited if the agency or employee knew or should have known that the individual who committed the criminal sexual conduct had committed a prior act of criminal sexual conduct, and the government agency or employee had failed to act to intervene to prevent the subsequent assault. 


A Bill to Amend 1961 PA 236 Sections 6431 and 6452

Draft legislation to eliminate the necessity of a court of claims notice to a government agency for criminal sexual conduct. 


A Bill to Amend 1961 PA 236 Sections 5805 and 5851b

Draft legislation to expand the amount of time survivors of criminal sexual conduct have to bring a civil action for damages.